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Up-cycling CSR Workshop – Building Positive Employee Engagement

When was the last time, you chose a sustainable option? This Up-cycling CSR Workshop drives the need to embrace sustainability, in all its operations, not only to just tick the CSR box but also to imbibe the same in their workforce. Reimaging waste by turning your trash into treasure. This engaging workshop is solution-driven, interactive and fun experiential learning. Our workshops are curated to make sustainability inspiring, engaging, and actionable while driving positive employee engagement. Cultivate your CSR brownie points.

Our Upcycling Modules are designed to help your employees rethink their relationship with waste, and instead transform this into useful products. Examples of upcycling products include converting old tee-shirts into reusable cloth bags or making body scrubs from used coffee grounds, and many more fun as well as useful techniques that can be mastered.


Giving back to the Society by reducing the waste you generate, is indeed a novel deed that can come back to you in many ways. Embrace a zero-waste lifestyle by taking your first step with Inspirit.