New-age employers recognize the importance of happy employees within the workplace. This forward-thinking approach is practical because it is humane. This is often because employee morale is closely linked to productivity, which attains a common goal that corporate yoga programs are designed for. 

Why should Corporates choose Yoga?

  • To Improve teams motivation during trying times
  • To align the worker’s mind, & body for better efficiency at work.
  • Boosts self-confidence, creativity & release gateway to great innovations
  • Stimulates immunity & positivity within the employees & their families
  • Regular practice creates a way of well-being & calm

Corporate Yoga Trainer Portfolio

Inspirit’s complete range of Yoga trainers includes certified professionals from RYS. Regional & global members from the Yoga Institute make our trainers the best in class today. Our hand-picked Yoga practitioners are corporate trainers with quite an average of 15 years of experience (experience ranging from 5 to 15 years). We offer a distinct segment class of facilitators as per the necessity of the organisation.

What will your Team Learn?

  1. Corporate Yoga isn’t just conducted as a wellness program or employee engagement initiative, but this stands to be a gateway to diverse life lessons.
  2. It allows you to break your hectic schedule of facing the laptop day-in & day-out
  3. Makes everyone comfortable with their boundaries & limits. In the end, it’s about what’s the simplest you’ll achieve with no benchmark comparison to others.
  4. To start a new routine along with your team, & undo one’s unhealthy urges. Start with a once a month Yoga digital session.
  5. Flexibility & strength is cohesive in nature. Yoga teaches you to depend on both mind & body while sticking to an ideal balance.
  6. We bushed this together. Practicing in union together with your colleagues gives all an aspirational boost towards a holistic lifestyle.

Program Flow

This session begins with active energizers, engagement amongst employees, giggles & laughter. Our Corporate trainers would initiate with engaging & easy-to-follow basic Desktop Yoga practices, few stretches to release muscle tensions. Holding every asana & understanding how it helps you is critical. These Yoga asanas activate the inner strength, this regime is followed by cooling down the body & mind. The ultimate laps of the session blend into an easy self-relaxing exercise to settle down your senses, specialise in your body & breathe. An ideal blend of yoga & meditation is usually the simplest suited practice along with your employees to reverberate & reflect together.

Bonus #1

Engaging content to be provided to the organisation within the style of activity posters/ reading material/ post-event handouts for individual tracks for workers.

Bonus #2

Internal participation drive with Pre-Event Teasers, invitations to participate for the wellness initiative & encourage maximum participation.

Bonus #3

Quarterly Survey post-event to follow up with the routine, acts as a mild reminder to those you dropped out. These act as tiny motivating boosts.

The Inspirit Way:

Use Inspirit’s Corporate wellness plug-in, while you intend for your next team outbound, or an in-office workshop post the phase of remote working, or be a digital solution to reconnect all of your employees with an experiential session on Corporate Yoga, we’ve it all under one roof. Our Corporate Yoga solutions are crafted as per the objectives one wants to attain through these sessions. Now that we’ve understood the importance of the age-old traditional gem of Yoga, let’s inculcate the same in your organization to create your workplace a contented & healthy abode.

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